If you are Fired,

What would you do if you are fired one day?

Would you keep quiet and look for a new job? Or would you fight against your company?

If you choose to fight, you will first negotiate with the company to withdraw the dismissal and seek compensation for damages.

However, your company may deny your request, regardless of whether your request is valid or not.

They are likely to insist that the termination was fair and, therefore, they are not responsible for anything.


Difficulty of Solving the Labor Dispute

If you are unable to resolve the dispute through dialogue, you will need to file a lawsuit.

It is possible to take legal action by yourself without hiring a lawyer.

However, without an attorney, it would be extremely stressful experience.

Your company would point out your bad aspects to show how incompetent and how problematic you have been.

You will have to refute each of their claims, feeling anger and humiliation. 

Besides, companies are likely to hire a lawyer who has experience in labor cases. They will argue that the company’s decision was fair, based on the laws and past court cases.

To win the case, you must make more effective arguments than their lawyer. But you may unintentionally make a statement that would be disadvantageous to you.


Strength of “Ashita no Shishi Legal Office” in labor cases.

Ashita no Shishi Legal Office has experience of many labor cases both from employer’s and employee’s side.  

We know what kind of excuses Big, Small and Medium Sized Companies often use when they dismiss employees and, of course, how to destroy their logic effectively. 

Especially, our attorney, Atsuro Tsujino, as a member of Lawyers Network for Foreigner, can discuss complicated labor matters in English.

So you can consult with him without any communication stress.


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