Atsuro Tsujino made a lecture about Drafting International contract for legal person.

Atsuro Tsujino held online seminar about “drafting of International Contract” for legal person under the sponsor of Shouji Houmu. 株式会社商事法務 (  

Atsuro Tsujino’s Profile

After graduating from Osaka City University’s law school and pasing JP Bar Exam, Atsuro Tsujino joined Yamaha Motor as an in-house lawyer. There, he was in charge of domestic and international legal matters including M&A, IP license, litigation, international arbitration, finance laws, labor issues, joint research, and professional sports business. He departed Yamaha Motor for a prestigious law firm back in Osaka, and has represented major clients including local governments and pharmaceutical companies in the Kansai region. Now, as the representative lawyer of Ashita no Shishi Legal Office, he is serving many corporate and individual clients while fulfilling his own dream to improve the world from Osaka through an independent legal practice. In order to make a society where no one will be left behind, he is actively supporting non-Japanese residents as a member of LNF (Lawyers Network for Foreigners). 

His Basic Rate

Legal Consultation

First Consultation 5,500 yen~/30min(incl. tax)   From next consultation  22,000yen~/ 1 hour(incl. tax)

Drafting and Review of Contract

Contract in Japanese 22,000 yen~/1 hour (incl. tax)
Contract in English 27,500円~/1hour(incl. tax)